Breaducate U - Hands on, exciting, in school field trip
Breaducate U is a modern, hands on field trip we bring directly to you!

Breaducate U is an affordable, convenient and educational hands on, in school field trip.  It is a unique way for students to review skills in math, science, economics, and nutrition and covers many topics of the state required benchmarks.

Whether it is a budget item, a grant project, or a parent-pay activity, Breaducate U is an excellent value!

What do you get when you schedule Breaducate U to come to your school?

  • All of the supplies necessary for each student to create and take home their own delicious loaf of whole wheat bread.  Aprons, mixing bowls, measuring utensils, cooking ingredients, pans, and bags to take the bread home in all come to you!
  • One hour of time before the program begins for the specialist to train volunteers and set up the room which will be used.
  • A 90 minute fun filled, hands on program for you and your students to enjoy.
  • Your program can be customized to cover topics you are teaching in your classroom!  We can put the focus on sequencing, measurements, states of matter, natural resources, producers and consumers...or have your program give a brief review of ALL of these topics!!

Schedule a morning Breadmake and the students will take home a finished loaf of bread baked in the cafeteria -or-schedule an afternoon Breadmake and the students take home the dough to be baked by parents.  Dough made in the morning can also be refrigerated at school and sent home to be baked.  Each student will be provided with a fun bag which features the recipe and baking instructions printed right on it.

If you would like to learn more about the program, please check out the seven minute video online!
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